Acquisitions and Emerging Markets

We were in Greenpoint before it was Greenpoint.

The location of the neighborhood, nestled between all major highways and transportation systems and mass transit, made the decision making process easy to begin our commercial portfolio many years ago. What continues to bring us success is our philosophy, proactive management with an emphasis on intelligent customer service. Noble Properties has the mechanical expertise to understand what other management companies hire outside talent to do. With more than 20 years of experience managing multi-unit mixed use, commercial and industrial properties, we are the go-to team for top down management work.  Our portfolio speaks for itself, we will bring that same expertise and insight whenever you consult with us.

Commercial Property Valuations

What separates a money pit from a gold mine? In this unforgiving world of investing, understanding what will generate money and what will produce an ulcer is worth a second opinion. We offer consulting services on many different levels that can provide you with access to expertise you won’t want to leave your office without.

Project Management

Suffering from costs overages? Labor not complying? Contractors missing executable dates? We’ve been there, its a headache no one should have to go through alone. Ask about our consultation and project management services the next time you stop by.

Property Asset Management

This isn’t just a building, its an asset, a legacy that can be passed down through generations. We know and Noble will treat it like one. We believe in the importance of proactive building management with an emphasis on providing the tenants with excellent service. The typical adversarial landlord/tenant relationship do not work and we will never employ attitudes or tactics that put us at odds with our clients.

A happy tenant is less likely to damage the building, more likely to report potential hazards or damages to the owner quicker, and more likely to leave the apartment in better condition than when they found it!

Hire management that believes in the Golden principle, you’ll sleep better at night because you did.

Syndication and Joint Ventures

We have partnered successfully with local land owners on both commercial and residential property transactions, as well as joint ventures into new construction on residential multi-unit investment properties. If the numbers work, we are here to listen.