Our Team

Stergios Kostakopoulos
Licensed NYS Real Estate Broker
Owner and Principal Manager

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Fluent in Spanish, Greek, English and enough French to order dinner.

Formally educated as a Mechanical Engineer at FDU, I have ten years of practical work experience as an estimator across public and private sectors dealing with large scale commercial heating projects, ranging from commercial water tube boilers powering large buildings to super-heated steam generators servicing entire boroughs.

I’ve personally enforced HPD, DHRC, DOB, ECB, and all other regulatory board requirements across the entire Noble Properties Real Estate portfolio, which includes mixed used residential and commercial property, for over two decades in Greenpoint.

I can be reached via email at : Stergios@noblepropertycare.com



Johnny Clement
Southwest Portfolio Manager
Licensed NYS Real Estate Agent


Educated as a Computer Engineer with a minor in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Power, and Mathematics from the University of Houston, I have worked for IBM as a Senior Consultant for the past 8 years.  From these experiences I have learned a great deal about honest and ethical business practices and client relations.

My family was originally from New York, spanning back 4 generations.  Several years ago I decided that I wanted to get back in touch with my roots, so I moved from Texas to Brooklyn.  I immediately fell in love with Greenpoint and have made the neighborhood my home.  From my own personal experiences, both good and bad, I have learned a lot about how to navigate the enormous NYC housing market.  I am always eager to share what I know with potential clients, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you may have.

I can be reached at : Johnny@noblepropertycare.com


Madison Odom
Licensed NYS Real Estate Agent

Born and raised in Crown Heights Brooklyn, Madison Odom has watched the market transform and develop right in front of his own eyes. A certified personal fitness trainer for demanding athletes all around New York, Madison has always maintained a high standard of client service and has transferred over his people skills to finding his clients exactly what they desire.


“I always helped my clients reach their different fitness goals and their true potential as athletes. I plan to bring my customer service skills to the Real Estate industry and above all else, get the very best deals for every client I have the privilege of working with.” – Madison Odom

I can be reached at : Madison@noblepropertycare.com